Thoracis Lumbo Sacral Orthosis          


Surgical Dressing
Micro Crep
Micro Net
Micro fix
Micro grip
Micro pad
  Micro Socks

Orthopaedic Appliances
Cervical Orthosis
Thorace Orthosis
Lambo-Sacral Orthosis
Arm & Forearm Orthosis
Wrist & Finger Orthosis
Lower Etrimity
Foot Orthosis

Rehabilitation Aids
Walking stick
Elbow Crutches
Aluminium Auxillary Crutches

Orthopaedic Appliance
Hinged Knee Brace Short
Knee Immobiliser(Special)
"Micro" Biomechanical Diabetic Footwear(Gents & Ladies)
Clavicle Brace(Premium)
Shoulder Immobilizer(Dlx)
Surgical Lumbo-Sacral Corset(Special)
Abdominal Binder - Post Maternity Corset(Micro Shape)

8. Micro Rib Belt

Sizes available :  Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large 


  • Top quality durable elastic with 8” width.

  • Good quality Velcro closure for easy application and removal.

  • Separate for both sex.


  • To control expansion of the chest after surgery, fractures of the ribs etc.

  • To give compression for the thoracic area.

 7. Micro  Clavical Brace

Sizes available :  Child, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large 


  • Special soft padding, covered with cotton knitted fabric.


  • Fractures of clavicle bones that do not present neurovascular disturbances.