B-Saf Sterile and Flawless

Surgical Dressing
Micro Crep
Micro Net
Micro fix
Micro grip
Micro pad
  Micro Socks

Orthopaedic Appliances
Cervical Orthosis
Thorace Orthosis
Lambo-Sacral Orthosis
Arm & Forearm Orthosis
Wrist & Finger Orthosis
Lower Etrimity
Foot Orthosis

Rehabilitation Aids
Walking stick
Elbow Crutches
Aluminium Auxillary Crutches

B-Saf Sterile and flawless.
Reliability that comes with quality

Truly biocompatible metal implat based on European Nano-Technology.
India's 1st FDA Approved orthopaedic Implant Manufacturing Facility.

Biocompatible :
 Biomedical grade raw material conforming to ISO Standards.
 Best recommended biomedical grade material used for manufacturing implants.
 Special focus on Cr, Ni, Mo percentage as per ISO 5832-1 in stainless steel implants.
Minimum level of micro impurities.

Sterile :
 Sterilized using validated sterilization process.
 Double pouch Tyvek packaging-to ensure product sterility on surgery table.
 Validated steam sterilization process.
 Packaged implant to ensure delivery of consistent quality.

Flawless :
 EUROPEAN NANO-TECHNOLOGY process to improve surface finish and corrosion properties.
 Improves corrosion resistance potential of the stainless steel by 3 times.
 Removes non-MRI compatible and non-biocompatible surface micro impurites.
 Improves surface finish to below 10 micron.